Make sure you cycle safely – on or off the Viking Coastal Trail!

Be Seen
Wear fluorescent by day, and reflective by night. The law requires you to have front and rear lights and a red reflector at night.

Be Protected
Wear a cycle helmet. Make sure it is the right size, and is properly fitted and fastened at all times. Only buy a helmet that conforms to BS6863, Snell B90, B95, or ANSI.

Be Heard
Fit a bell or horn, and use it if you think drivers or pedestrians have not seen you.

Be Safe
Look after your bike. Check moving parts regularly, giving special attention to brakes. Make sure that tyres are properly inflated, and that you can see the tread on them clearly. Ensure your reflectors and lights are clean.

Be Wise
Over 100,000 cycles are reported stolen every year. Always lock your bike when you leave it, even if it is only for a few minutes. Get your bike frame marked with your postcode and stick on a ‘Coded Cycle’ sticker.

Be Trained
If you have not had cycle training, find out where to get it. Your school or safety officer at Kent County Council should be able to help.

Be Courteous
Cycle paths make your journey safer but on shared facilities, cyclists must give priority to pedestrians.

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